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 Welcome to the Uragira

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Uragira    Tue May 03, 2016 10:27 pm


Hello, we're the Uragira we were once apart of the great Fukitsuna Clan until we dispatched from the clan it's self, and became what we are today a Coterie. The Uragira are well organized, abide by the rules,  take orders when given  without hesitation.

You will be expected to complete every mission given to you, if you fail the mission and your character is not dead, we will kill him for his acts of not being successful. If the reason was out of your hands entirely, that's the only exception.

You will not have emotion when you do any of these acts, you follow the rules. You do not question a order, do not disregard a order or go over a order. The rules are strict, and we expect you to follow them without issue.

We are and we want to set the example for the other clans that we are the best. We are a self-sustaining group that takes orders from the leader himself when need be but other than that, we are on our own.Takes dedication and commitment and if you think you can't provide these two things, excuse yourself from this RP.
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Welcome to the Uragira
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