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 About Units

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PostSubject: About Units    Tue May 03, 2016 10:32 pm

So you're in a  unit? Awesome. Now you have to have a job within your unit as does your unit overall. You all will have to work together and get along.
(If you have a problem with a person in your unit, please report it to a higher up about the reason. You should always work together as unit to resolve your own issue with your units.)

Below will be the options you can choose from.

Military-Police - Your group inside the group will be to police members OOC and IC, anything that breaks out inside our own compound or even somewhere else we reside at will be your job to handle. You will also handle guarding the home constantly and role-playing daily in the room showing that you are ready to protect if anything did break out and you will be able to have fun at the same time.

Military - These are the fighting units of the group which will be sent out into war and generally fight for the group in any situation. These are the fighters of the group and will do missions that will take them from home to defend our general place of residence. Each unit requires one person with healing capability.

Researchers - This being a mulitverse RP, we will need to discover the tech and other things to generally be able to interact with any roleplay. This unit will handle all research pertaining to the develop of tech and general finding of new items. These guys also make most of the stuff for the group.

Healing units - These are units who have absolutely no fighting ability and can't be in the military, instead this group will be required to help heal our troops after battle and anyone in the roleplay that may enter. NPC's will also be people that will need to be healed from this unit.

Assassin units - These are units that we send in to take care of a kingdom swiftly and with no issues that would arise from it because of the perfection of execution that would be added to it. =Have to be hand-picked=

-- These are the groups so far --

In your unit you will have to pick and one only to make sure that your goal will be simple and picking many could cloud primary objectives with singular groups. If you have any questions or more than is here on any of these, feel free to ask any of the leaders.

This is required for each unit.

So being in this squad, you will need the know the basis of the ranking structure. You will be expected to be fine with whatever you are placed with and arguing with the chain of command or what spot you get will make you get booted.

Ranking from inexperienced to experienced members, top being the inexperienced and bottom experienced.

Genin - Needing to be taught the basics of roleplay and isn't very smart with creative writing. A noob if you will.

Chunin - Has gotten better than the genin's and is aware of what they are doing but are not aware of all the T-1 rules and do not comprehend how to T-1 correctly.

Jonin - Are complete T-1 roleplayers and are completely aware of what they're doing, combat ready people.

ANBU - The elite of the roleplayers we currently have, some of the most skilled and talented writers in the group.

-- Above are combat ranks, now we will get to squad ranks. --

Squads will consist of 3 people which will have 1 UL (Unit-leader) and the UL will report to what's called a UO (Unit-Overseer) which will be over two squads and will report to the second-in-command of the group. The second in command will let the leader know all the events going on within the squad, for a basic showing of this, it will be below

-Unit mate-

-Unit leader-

-Unit division head-



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About Units
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